Day 1

Wednesday 6 December, 2017

Registration Opens & Morning Coffee

Speed Networking

Chairwoman’s Opening Remarks
Judith Ganes, Founder and President, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

Global and Local Coffee Markets

Global Coffee Demand and Challenges Facing

  • Development of world consumption in exporting countries, importing countries and emerging markets
  • Promoting Coffee consumption and market development
  • Coffee Quality improvement 
  • Environmental and social issues

José Dauster Sette, Executive Director, International Coffee Organization

Vietnam’s Coffee Industry overview and outlook

  • Government policy update including ban on new processing mills by 2020
  • Domestic consumption growth and greater foreign investment on processing
  • New areas for investment to sustain growth trends
  • Value added exporting of roast and ground coffee
  • Grower capacity building

Luong Van Tu, Chairman, Vietnam Coffee – Cocoa Association

Morning Coffee Break & Networking

Highlights on Coffee Farmers, Sustainability and Crop Yield  

  • Understanding the major characteristics of coffee farmers
  • Rejuvenating coffee plantations and managing aged coffee plants
  • Status of tree replantation in Vietnam: Upcoming initiatives and financing options
  • Government support and industry collaborations
  • Understanding farmers’ perspectives on growing competing crops such as Pepper and Coffee
  • Sustainable coffee standards and farmers’ wellbeing  

Nguyen Do Anh Tuan - Director of Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD)

Feed Your Plants and Get Highest Yields and Quality
Gal Yarden, VP Product, Agronomy and Marketing, Netafim

On Stage Interview
Hidde Eikelboom, Coffee Head and CEO Vietnam, Louis Dreyfus Company Vietnam Trading and Processing Co. Ltd.

Networking Lunch

Processing and Quality

Tata Coffee’s new manufacturing investment in Vietnam

  • India’s re-export market
  • Freeze Dried coffee market, and project rationale
  • Best in Class manufacturing practices
  • Production Capacity

Sanjiv Sarin, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Coffee Ltd, India

Trading the Coffee Markets: Spread, Arbitrage and Hedging trade strategies

  • Opportunities in the coffee market
  • Term structure of the ICE Arabica and Robusta Futures Market
  • Spread and Arbitrage basics
  • Arabica and Robusta trades
  • Hedging techniques

Avtar Sandu, Senior Commodities Manager, Phillip Futures, Singapore

Climate Change and Evolution of Coffee Defects
Diego Quesada, General Manager of Sales, Delta Technology

Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking

Vietnam Roasters Dialogue – Improving Quality and Competitiveness in Global Coffee Markets

  • Local processor view on coffee bean quality control
  • Recent initiatives for improving processing
  • Competing with FDI companies

Judith Ganes, Founder and President, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

Le Nguyen Thien, Director, Haland Vietnam Co., Ltd
Quang Pham, CEO, G20 coffee G20 Việt Nam
Thai Nhu Hiep, Chairman, Vinh Hiep Co. Ltd, Vietnam

Global coffee supply at risk – the next frontiers?

  • Future supply gap in the light of climate change?
  • Where shall coffee come from?
  • Opportunities in SE Asia?
  • The business case of the Philippines and Indonesia
  • Towards alternative investments and intervention themes

Dave D'Haeze, Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, Foundation Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS)

End of Day One


Day 2

Thursday 7 December, 2017

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Judith Ganes, Founder and President, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

Trade, Finance and Sustainable Supply

Risk of Coffee Shortages and Good Possibilities in Vietnam

  • Market growth in Asia and China’s consumption trends
  • Green Bean sourcing, logistics and warehousing
  • Quality control
  • Coffee processing and storage facility improvement
  • Financing and marketing strategy

Nicholas Strychalski, Head Strategist, COFCO International

Coffee Trade Panel - Growth hot spots, and market strategies

  • Trade flow outlook in the main markets
  • Trader perspective on coffee price in the next 5 years
  • Supply chain improvement, risk management 
  • Traceability, and the premium for sustainability

Judith Ganes, Founder and President, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

Nicholas Strychalski, Head Strategist, COFCO International
Eric Llull, Coffee Research Manager, Export Trading Group (ETG), Switzerland
Jonathan Clark, General Manager Dakman, Vietnam, ED&F MAN

Vietnam Robusta 16/17 Market Overview and 2017/2018 Outlook

  • Exporting
  • Robusta Production
  • Processing
  • Local price and differential price
  • Production Estimation

Do Ha Nam, Director, Chairman, General Director of Intimex Group

Morning Coffee Break & Networking

Robusta Coffee futures - explanation of the rule changes effective July 2018

  • change from In Store price point to Free on Truck
  • changes to rent inclusions
  • what it means for differentials

 Toby Brandon, Director, Soft Commodity Operations, ICE FUTURES Europe

Responsible Sourcing and Supply Chain Control in Asia

  • What is changing in demand and consumption trends in Asia
  • What requirements should coffee comply with to be allowed on sourcing scope?
  • Certification schemes, consumer labels and other practices for sustainable sourcing
  • Quality control and how to guarantee stable supply
  • Localization & collaboration with local market

Judith Ganes, Founder and President, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC

Atte Salomaa, General Manager, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Vietnam
Thai Nhu Hiep, Chairman, Vinh Hiep Co. Ltd, Vietnam
Do Ha Nam Director, Chairman, General Director of Intimex Group

Global public private partnership for sustainable coffee development

  • Description and updates of Global Coffee Platform (GCP)as a forum for public and private partnership in sustainable coffee sector
  • Collaboration in action on Water Management for Coffee Production in Vietnam with Vietnamese government (via Vietnam coffee coordination board), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Nestlé and GCP
  • Recommendations for improving PPP governance in Vietnamese coffee sector

Annette Pensel, CEO, Global Coffee Platform
Dave D'Haeze, Regional Manager Asia-Pacific, Foundation Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS)

Networking Lunch

Coffee Varieties and Future Trends

Retail Perspective: Specialty Coffee - Huge Consumption Game Changer in South East Asia

  • The changing dynamics in coffee consumption - a retail perspective
  • The growth of micro roasters and their affecting on consumers and growers
  • Getting your specialty coffee to market

Ross Bright, Master Coffee Roaster, Spinelli Coffee Co, Singapore

Coffee plantation owner perspective on Requirements for a High-Quality Arabica future in Vietnam 

  • Current harvest, and global market opportunities
  • Key bottlenecks, and what needs to be done
  • Creating a market for Arabica coffee from Vietnam

Duy Ho, Director, CEO & Founder, The Married Beans, Vietnam

Coffee Supply-Demand Interpretations and Implications

  • Robusta and Arabica consumption in early 2018
  • Larger movement in differentials instead of flat market level
  • What to expect in the longer term

Eric Llull, Coffee Research Manager, Export Trading Group (ETG), Switzerland

Afternoon Coffee Break and Close of Conference


Pre Conference Workshop

Tuesday 5 December 2017, 1:30pm -5:00 pm
Risk Management Education Workshop hosted by INTL FCStone

Defining the current market environment

  • Global Coffee market review
    • Fundamental & external market drivers explored
    • Evaluating the impact and influence of key external market price drivers
  • Hedging Theory Explored – What is a hedge and why hedge?

Building your risk management program

  • Defining your internal risk management policy
  • Defining your risk & risk appetite & defining your hedging tool kit
  • Building your internal risk management expertise
  • Control and transparency – The bedrock of your risk management program

Introduction to Futures

  • Understanding the key players roles and functions in the market
    • Futures contracts – Robusta and Arabica  contracts
  • Understanding Open Interest and Volume
  • Locking in price
  • Market conditions
    • Understanding the implication of futures market conditions on your hedge performance

Introduction to Options

  • Understanding Calls and Puts
  • Strike and premium price explained
  • In, at and out of the monies….
  • Defining the key differences between Options and Futures
  • Understanding the Greeks
    • Delta and gamma explored
    • How and when should we consider this as part of our hedge strategy?
  • Building simple plain vanilla option hedging strategies
  • Going long Calls and Puts

Introduction to the OTC Market

  • Defining the OTC Market
    • Evaluating the pros and cons of the OTC Market
    • What are the key functions of OTC markets
    • Why incorporate OTC into your commercial hedging portfolio?
  • Hedging with OTC structures – What is available to us?
    • Reviewing the multiple OTC hedging strategies available to us
    • Understanding the pros and cons for each structure
    • Balancing out your use of OTC hedging vs. Standard hedging
  • Case studies incorporating OTC structures

By invitation only, interested parties can apply to IBC Asia. Please email:
IBC Asia reserved rights to review, accept or reject applications.


*Session outline may change to accommodate market-specific or company development.